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Design Process

Hambours has over 70 Years of experience working with Schools and Colleges that have decided – for all sorts of reasons – to go through the process of developing a new uniform.

The process can take anywhere between 1-3 years or as little as 4-5 months for full redesign. Generally the more people involved in the decision making the longer the process, we believe however that by keeping the whole School/College informed makes for a smoother and more transparent transition.

We hope the following information will assist you through this process:

How does it all start?

  1. The idea for a new image for your school or college may come from several areas – the Principal, the Governing Council, the Parents' Community and/or the Students themselves – it is important that it is a team effort to ensure a smooth process.
  2. A survey of the School Community is often very useful: involvement of students can help in gaining overall support for the idea of change.

Where to find help?

  1. Once the decision is made to investigate the prospect of a “New Uniform”, an individual or committee needs to be appointed to contact suppliers and to check their credentials to be reassured that they are reliable. It is important that the School’s representatives take the time to also visit the suppliers’ premises and/or factory to see for themselves that the supplier is capable of delivering a high quality end product in an ethical manner.
  2. References from Schools already being supplied should always be requested and checked.
  3. When first in contact with any supplier we would recommend seeking answers to the following questions:-
    1. What contractual commitments need to be made by the school in the first instance for the design process and ongoing supply of uniforms?
    2. Are your garments being made by the supplier or their contractors? or are they produced offshore?
    3. Do they offer a backup stock of garments to ensure continuity of supply?
    4. For students who do not fit the stock size range of the uniform, do they offer a Made to Measure service?
    5. What is their turnaround time from order to delivery once garments are established?
  4.  Details that your chosen suppliers may require:-
    1. Student numbers, year level and ratio of boys to girls.
    2. When the school would want to implement the charge.

What do you want from your “New Look”?

By now you have chosen an experienced reputable supplier that can start work on your new designs. It is very important at this stage for the school to know the answers to the following questions this will help with the design process.

  1. Do you want an informal or formal look?
  2. What colour and or colours do you want in your new uniform?
  3. Which garments are to carry the schools crest?
  4. Is the school, a local retailer or the supplier retailing the uniform?
  5. How will the new uniform be implemented?


  1. In the first step, preliminary sketches and or samples should be supplied to the school.
  2. We also recommend that indicative pricing be supplied at this time. This will ensure that the decision makers are aware very early on of the probable cost to parents in implementing the change.
  3. Once committee feedback has been given to the designer, full sketches should be supplied along with fabric swatches and (where possible) confirmed prices. This should all be completed within an agreed time frame.

 The New Look!

  1. Once a decision has been made on your new design, actual garment samples should be supplied where possible to the committee for final acceptance.
  2. We would recommend at this stage that a full presentation be shown to students, parents and staff.
  3. It is time now to work on initial orders and backup stock of all garments and raw materials, this is always very important as it ensures that if initial indications of take up are greater than expected, the nominated retailer will be able to respond to the demand quickly.

The process is now over, your new uniforms have arrived on time, to specification and at the agreed price, everyone is happy!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee all garments bearing our 'Hambours' label against faulty materials and workmanship. If you are not satisfied, we will gladly exchange or refund the item you have purchased.